Organic Search Position Report

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To help you keep up with SERP Features in your niche, Position Tracking will identify all of the unique SERP Features found on the SERPs for your keywords. We also offer a report that shows your website’s opportunities to go after Featured Snippets.

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Position Tracking (also called rank tracking or SERP tracking) lets you track a website’s daily rankings for a custom set of target keywords. You can set your targeting to watch any specific geographic location and any device type (mobile phone, tablet or desktop). The tool comes with tons of features like tagging, sorting, filtering and exporting reports that make it easy for marketers to find exactly what they’re looking for in their website’s SEO or PPC performance.

  • Ability to track any keyword and domain – even those not in the main database
  • Track and compare multiple geographic locations or device types in a single project
  • Featured Snippet report to look for featured snippet opportunities
  • Easy local SEO tracking and local competitor discovery
  • Simple PDF reporting to share results with colleagues and clients
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